Monday, January 31, 2011

Laser cannon purchased.

It's not this exact model but it looks very similar.

The robot's LEDs usually send light through decorative "fiber optic" tubes that run throughout the torso and arms, but with those removed I can glue a photosensor over one of the LEDs and have it act as a switch to activate the laser without having to open up the robot and do any soldering. The laser is a different story as I'll need to wire the photosensor in place of the button it uses to toggle the beam on and off.

Anyway, it's in the mail, and I'd like to thank a certain Irish supporter for the most recent donation. Doing stuff like this on a slim budget is very difficult and I rely on donations to move the project forward. I still need the mifi and the solar panels, but there's plenty of time to save up for those as it's not exactly sunny out right now and won't be for a few months. Updates might be sparse (as I can only work as fast as I can afford to buy new parts) but keep checking back, I'll update every time there's something worth telling you guys about.


  1. I can't wait to blind some squirrels.

  2. Is this project still active? I have some money I would like to donate.

    I am very interested in blinding wildlife and scaring some freaky survivalists shitless.

  3. It's active, just moving slowly while I buy parts and take care of day to day stuff. I can definitely use more donations.

  4. I love you so much for what your doing, and I don't want to try to control your life but UPDATE YOUR DAMN COMIC

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