Saturday, January 15, 2011

Battery pack arrives!

The extended battery pack (30% more power!) arrived today and I wasted no time installing it:It came with enough of a charge that I was able to test the robot's functions. Worryingly, I could sign into the robot but not make him move or see video from his camera. So I popped the base back open:After unplugging and replugging the motor cables (which I must've inadvertently pulled loose while installing the battery) the motors responded perfectly to commands from the user interface program. However, still no video. The culrpit? A rusted, corroded USB plug that connects the base of the robot to the camera head. I'm soaking it in cleaning solvent now with the hopes that it's salvageable, if not I've heard certain webcams are compatible when plugged in via adapter as the Spykee's camera is basically just a standard QVGA webcam. More updates to come.

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