Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Meet your robotic avatar.

Finally got the robot. The battery's bad, but I've ordered a higher capacity replacement. It should permit nearly four hours of use between charges. I didn't bother to assemble the arms because they're non-functional. Perhaps you can think of some devices to install in their place? A machine that sprays out squirrel feed? A 1 watt laser? A power drill?

Still need money for the solar panels and 4G mifi, but the docking station battery could be the same battery pack I used to power Hampture's air pump so as to save funds. This project might take shape faster than anticipated if I can work out ways to reuse stuff.


  1. some sort of functioning arms or even just hydraulic pistons connected to levers (one on all 4 sides, activated simultaneously with a single command?) might be a good idea so if the robot ends up tipping over somehow, a driver could stand it up again with a little patience. Not as much fun as some other possibilities, but could save some frustration.

  2. Of course, whether it even works would depend on the weight and center of gravity of the robot, and i imagine it would be hard to find pistons that either telescope far enough or forcefully enough (depending on how far up the levers they are connected) to do the job even if it's fairly light with a low COG. But that's for the mechanical engineers to figure out.

  3. Grappling Gun. Nuff sed

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